Tenerife, the largest of the seven Canary Islands, offers a wide selection of attractive locations. As well as a multifunctional vanguard design conference center of about 40.000 square meters, the islands offers a multitude of original venues from rustic estates to modern discotheques.

For example, you can combine your meeting with the visit on a vineyard dating back to 1750 and standing on rocky ground complete with dry lava. It is an establishment that continues to create traditional red wine by using both some of the oldest methods and modern technology. The vineyard has a corner especially designed for groups of maximum 100 persons and a second room for another 50 guests!

In a completely different style, Tenerife offers unique cocktail & lounge on a par with the best clubs in the world. Located in spectacular spots and designed in the shape of a boat that is ready to set sail, it is the ideal place for holding events in an original, elegant and privileged setting.

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