As it is an island, tons of water sport activities are available like surfing, diving or windsurfing. You will enjoy the perfect conditions to practice or get a private initiation to these sports as Tenerife is an underwater paradise and enjoy one of the best marine ecosystems.

Tenerife also proposes a lot of routes and excursions. From walking routes along the sea front of Arona and Adeje to day excursion to La Cueva del Viento (Cave of the Wind), one of the largest lava tube in the world, you can choose between multiples ways to discover the islands. You can also plan a boat trip in a unique wooden yatch to explore Tenerife from the sea. This kind of excursion provides all the amenities to enjoy a real sailing and an unforgettable day from Puerto Colon to Los Gigantes cliffs, crossing the path of Cetaceans. Once arrived at destination, the boat will anchor in the bay of Masca allowing you to swim and have lunch on board!

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