Balearic cuisine is a Mediterranean style cuisine that can be regarded as part of a wider Catalan cuisine, since it shares many dishes and ingredients with Catalonia and the Valencian Community. The traditional cuisine of the Balearic Islands, originating from a flourishing fishing industry and seasonal crops, is very rich and varied.

From small bars to restaurants, the only island of Mallorca counts more than 2.400 establishments that prepare a long list of typical dishes mainly composed of seafood, olives and almonds coming from the local culture.

The two main dishes you have to try in the Balearic Islands are the Sobrasada and the Ensaimada. The Sobrasada is made with lean pork, butter and paprika. It remains in gut and is served raw, fried or grilled, cold or hot, sweet or savory. The Ensaimada is a soft paste cooked with lard (pork fat), circular and sprinkled with icing sugar. This candy usually exceeds 15 cm in diameter, sometimes to the feet!

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