Without doubt, you will enjoy the gastronomy, exoticism and the culinary traditions of the Island through its wine, potatoes, Mojo sauce and cheeses! Mojo is a spicy sauce heavy in garlic which may be orange, red, or green depending on its ingredients. ‘Papas Arrugadas‘ (wrinkled potatoes) are small unskined potatoes boiled in salt water and usually topped with Mojo sauce or served with chicken. Another very typical Canarian product is ‘Gofio‘, a flour made of grinding roasted sweetcorn. It is produced locally and added to many dishes and also to warm milk as a traditional drink.

The wine-making history of Tenerife goes back to the 15th Century and counts today five designations of origin that guarantee the quality of the wines. The climate and the geology of the Island create unique qualities for a varied and exquisite wine production. Reds, whites, rosés… Enjoy whatever you like best!

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