There is always something happening in the region of Girona, which is very dynamic and cultural. You cannot be bored whatever the moment you choose to come. Among all the festivities, the most important is the Festival of Sant Narcís: A week of non-stop activities in late October. The celebrations include the traditional procession of giant figures and the fire-run. You will also enjoy street markets, a trade fair, a fun fair, activities for kids, live music concerts and more!

Another nice festival in Girona is Girona Temps de Flors, a time for flowers during May with flowers and art exhibitions throughout the streets, public buildings, monuments and parks of town.

Finally, the famous Diada de Sant Jordi takes place each year in April. This celebrations in honor of the patron saint of Catalonia, is also known as Lovers Day, couples exchange presents, traditionally a rose or a book, and the streets are full of book stands. There are also performances of the Sardana, the traditional Catalan dance, for the most romantic ambiance!

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