Valencia is, without a doubt, a unique and original destination that offers the most modern facilities equipped with advanced services, historic buildings available for customers, and a wide range of venues suitable for all types of events that adapt to the needs of their users.

One of the main venues in Valencia is definitely the Ciudad de las Artes y Las Ciencias, a giant and avant-garde cultural center that offers about 15 large capacities and futuristic spaces to organize any kind of event for of large and multinational companies.

Valencia also proposes a complex with 60.000m2 in a natural environment with lakes, fountains, waterfalls and ancient restaurant menus or a farmhouse in the middle of a orange-growing farm that has been restored and reformed for organizing top-level corporate events as well as indoors or outdoors activities, and much more original venues to discover!

What is “Las Fallas”?

Por el 27 August, 2012

If spain is a country known for its unique fiestas, Las Fallas is undoubtedly one of the most unique and crazy festivals in Spain!

It is one of the biggest traditional celebrations of the country held in Valencia in commemoration of the patron saint of the carpenters, Saint Joseph. The term “Fallas” refers to both the celebration and the monuments created during the celebration which are huge cardboard, wood, paper-maché and plaster statues. During the final night, these fallas are burnt as huge bonfires.

Each falla is laden with fireworks which are lit first before the construction itself. They burn quickly, and the heat given off is felt by all around driving the crowd back a couple of meters!
The five days and nights of the Fallas are a continuous party including a multitude of events: historical processions, religious processions, and comedic processions. The bars, the restaurants and the streets are full of Valencian and people for all over the world that came each year to join the party. Explosions can be heard all day long and foreigners may be surprised to see everyone from small children to elderly gentlemen throwing fireworks and bangers. Valencia whose population counts over 1 million inhabitants swells to an estimated three million during Las Fallas celebrations!

The European Grand Prix is one of the most prestigious motor competitions which takes place each year in June. Then, the streets surrounding the port and the beaches are converted into an urban circuit with a capacity for 45.000 spectators propelling the city to international fame.

The project is to make full use of the infrastructures created for the 32nd America’s Cup, thus the urban circuit was designed by Herman Tilke who also created various motor racing circuits such as Sepang and Shanghai. The Valencia’s one measures some five kilometres in length, 14 metres in width and has 25 curves. During the race, the cars travel between 95 kilometres per hour 320 kilometres per hour.

One of the main assets of this race is that it allows you to enjoy the Grand Prix from the sea, at the Marina Juan Carlos I, an exclusive place in the heart of the Valencia Street Circuit. Each year, this major manifestation is viewed by about 500 million households around the world, thanks to the enormous audiences generated by the media!

There are many different and original ways, alternative to conventional tours, to discover Valencia, its most important places, its culture and lifestyle. For example, the Royal Nautical Club of Valencia is the gathering point for all sea lovers having more than 18 moorings and a fleet of boats, including catamarans and a traditional schooner to have a memorable boat excursion.

As the weather is always good in Valencia, what about a hot air Ballon Tour? Nothing can match the beauty and serenity of a colorful hot air balloon as it drifts with the wind across the Valencia sky. Professional pilots and launch sites are available near Valencia!

Scooter tours also offer a privileged way to discover the city, its squares, monuments, beaches and people. You can even organize personalized tours and treasure hunt tours with your group!

Valencia welcomes important scientific events such as the 40th International Conference on Coordination Chemistry in September which is the longest-running conference series in the field of coordination chemistry and Valencia represents the first venue in Europe since 2002. Another great event held in Valencia in September is the 32nd European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO) Congress, designed to promote the highest standards of surgical care in the management of patients.

Moreover, following the success of the event, the Festival of Media´s organizers have once again selected Valencia as the venue for the world´s major media creativity and innovation event. It brings together executives from leading media groups, major advertisers, and the best copywriters and strategists from advertising agencies.

Valencia offers a wide range of services for corporate conventions. The transport connection network, both national and international, makes travelling easy for delegates, as well as mobility within the city via public transport. This, along with the city’s range of hotels, makes Valencia an exemplary destination for holding professional events.