A different and fresh way to discover Mallorca and most emblematic spots is a city tour that combines gastronomy and local tradition. Indeed, the ‘tapas’ have become a different way of eating: more agile, enjoyable, varied and social. We propose a route through the taverns and wine merchants of Mallorca, the most emblematic of the islands where you will taste typical tapas harmonized with good wine.

You can also have a scenic tour around the islands! Unlike many helicopter leisure flight, you will be able to decide where you want to go and what you would like to see. You can fly through the Traumuntana Mountain Range, along the picturesque coastline, and look for the homes of the many celebrities living around; or visit a place you particularly would like to see!

Back to the land, a scooter tour offers you another original and privileged way to discover one of the islands and its monuments, beaches and people. For example, in Mallorca, you could discover the urban centre of the city, the old Belver Castle and the Palma Bay with its fishing environment. You can also choose to follow the tracks of ‘The Magician’, filmed in 1968 with Anthony Quinn. The fine sand surrounded by the sea and the cliff covered by pines will help participants to evocate the cinema golden era.

We can organize very typical activities to discover parts of the Andalusian culture like Flamenco in a dancing school created in 1994 in the heart of Seville where you will be taught how to coordinate body, feet and hands to dance. A professional dancer with whom you will learn the bases of Flamenco dancing does the classes.

To discover the Andalusian gastronomy we propose you to take part in a Tapas tour in Sevilla. It is a different and fresh way to discover the city and its most emblematic spots with a nice combination of gastronomy and local tradition hopping for tapas bar in Sevilla as the Spanish do.

If you prefer sports activities you can enjoy a multi activity program-taking place in a modern farm of 3.000 Hectares. You will visit this former monastery by 4×4, drive a quad off-road in a wider terrain or participate to a paintball competition.