One of the best moments to enjoy Gran Canaria is on the early spring, a period that marks the start of celebrations throughout the island.

The most important festivity from a sacred standpoint is the Virgen del Pino’s day, held on September 8th in Teror. Within a setting of traditional balconies, laurels, and ancient monkey puzzles, thousands of devotees place a myriad of offerings at the feet of the image. On these days, a wave of pilgrims begins a night walk to town from all cardinal points on Gran Canaria.

One of the most original parties takes place in Telde the first Saturday of August for St.Brigid, the patron saint of the town. It is a celebration drenched in mud during which you can watch half the town throwing water at each other in buckets or by other bizarre means. Indeed, one of the traditions with which account the Villa de Santa Brigida is the ‘Traida del barro’ (brought the mud) which is a great pottery tradition.

Finally, there are other festivities that can be identified to the customs of the ancient Canarians. The best known of such traditional celebrations is that of La Rama, which has its greatest moment in the Agaete village. During La Rama festivity, a large crowd bearing large branches picked on the hills at night marches towards the sea following quite amusing music bands.

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