In the Balearic Islands you can choose between a wide range of activities, from design and construction games, problem solving, artistic challenges, beach Olympics, car rallies, extreme rafting, kayaking, climbing and orienteering to organizational and cultural activities. The Balearic Islands represent like never before Mediterranean Lifestyle. The island’s popularity is rising up constantly!

One of the best places for Team building is La Reserva Puig de Galatzó. It is a nature reserve with an area of 2.5 million m² situated at the foot of the mountain ‘Galatzó’, one of the most famous mountains of Mallorca. Its valley is one of the most beautiful on the island and can hosts multiple activities through an walking circuit or a treasure hunt such as hanging bridges, zip-wires, climbing, mountain bike, archery or air rifle shooting.

Activities are available on each island! A Jeeps excursion can lead you through the Ibiza countryside to adventure and teamwork. Equipped with road-books, different teams will have to solve difficult and exciting tasks. You thought that everything in Ibiza was sun and beach? Join the adventure and discover places that you can only see with the completion of this activity.

A different and fresh way to discover Mallorca and most emblematic spots is a city tour that combines gastronomy and local tradition. Indeed, the ‘tapas’ have become a different way of eating: more agile, enjoyable, varied and social. We propose a route through the taverns and wine merchants of Mallorca, the most emblematic of the islands where you will taste typical tapas harmonized with good wine.

You can also have a scenic tour around the islands! Unlike many helicopter leisure flight, you will be able to decide where you want to go and what you would like to see. You can fly through the Traumuntana Mountain Range, along the picturesque coastline, and look for the homes of the many celebrities living around; or visit a place you particularly would like to see!

Back to the land, a scooter tour offers you another original and privileged way to discover one of the islands and its monuments, beaches and people. For example, in Mallorca, you could discover the urban centre of the city, the old Belver Castle and the Palma Bay with its fishing environment. You can also choose to follow the tracks of ‘The Magician’, filmed in 1968 with Anthony Quinn. The fine sand surrounded by the sea and the cliff covered by pines will help participants to evocate the cinema golden era.

For business events, Mallorca has two main congress centers. The Sa Maniga Auditorium offers a capacity of 466 persons in its Sala Magna, 6 convertible rooms and a cafeteria. The space was inaugurated in 1999 and was designed to deal with the demands of the specialized events and company groups market. The Gran Casino Mallorca can host from 50 to 1500 guests and offers one of the best Mediterranean restaurant, the highest technology and the best professional team to guarantee the success of your event.

Some nice venues are also available like the Palma Aquarium, one of the most original and innovative venue to be found in Mallorca. It organizes highly professional events surrounded by the marine nature. In a different style, the Jose Luis Ferrer Cellar, founded in 1931, plans meetings in the middle of 70 hectares of vines, all native varieties and lovingly tended! Since its foundation, the wine cellar has been undergoing extensions and improvements which now permit the presentation of a selection of prime quality wine.

Finally, you couldn’t miss the Poble Espanyol. It is part of the must-see sites in Palma de Mallorca. With the reconstruction of about 100 famous Spanish monuments and buildings, this resort is a cultural journey through Spain and its history.  In addition, the Poble Espanyol has a Convention Center, and hold events, conferences, conventions, workshops, and much more private events.

Balearic cuisine is a Mediterranean style cuisine that can be regarded as part of a wider Catalan cuisine, since it shares many dishes and ingredients with Catalonia and the Valencian Community. The traditional cuisine of the Balearic Islands, originating from a flourishing fishing industry and seasonal crops, is very rich and varied.

From small bars to restaurants, the only island of Mallorca counts more than 2.400 establishments that prepare a long list of typical dishes mainly composed of seafood, olives and almonds coming from the local culture.

The two main dishes you have to try in the Balearic Islands are the Sobrasada and the Ensaimada. The Sobrasada is made with lean pork, butter and paprika. It remains in gut and is served raw, fried or grilled, cold or hot, sweet or savory. The Ensaimada is a soft paste cooked with lard (pork fat), circular and sprinkled with icing sugar. This candy usually exceeds 15 cm in diameter, sometimes to the feet!

The best way to reach the islands is by plane: thousands of passengers arrive daily from around the world. The airports of Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza represent the main routes of communication. The most important one is Palma de Mallorca, an important international airport that hosts companies from all over Europe. Then, three highways connect the rest of the island with the capital.

The main ports of the Balearic Islands are in Alcudia (Mallorca), Mahón (Menorca), Ciutadella de Menorca (Ibiza), and La Savina (Formentera). Arriving by sea is quite a sight, especially if the arrival is via the port of Mahón, which is considered ‘The Pearl of the Mediterranean‘! Moreover, the Balearic Islands have a developed network of moorings for those who want to live the experience of coming with their own boat.

It is also possible to travel to Mallorca with a car by taking a ferry from Valencia, Denia or Barcelona. In addition, there are daily ferries liners connecting the islands together.