Yes, it is possible. At about 1 hour in the north of Alicante, the city of Denia is the departure point of ferries to Ibiza.

An excursion of one or two days in the Baleares Islands can be a nice step during your trip in Alicante! Moreover, you will enjoy at the same time a travel on the Mediterranean sea of about 100km, the distance that separate the peninsula from the island of Ibiza.

Established on the seaside, Alicante is easily accessible by plane, by train and by boat. Its international airport, El Altet – Alicante, is situated only 10 minutes away from the city center and served by many national and international flights from 42 airline companies.

So, the city is well served by most of the European countries especially by United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, France, Ireland, Switzerland and Denmark that have at least one daily flight to Alicante.

Check our Alicante Airport flight schedule to keep up to date with Alicante (ALC) departures and arrivals.

A lot of nautical activities are available around Alicante. For example, an excursion by catamaran is the most original way to enjoy the nature and the sea, while sailing close to the coast and spending time sunbathing and swimming.

It is also possible to discover the region riding a mountain bike. You will go through the majestic mountains, dramatic gorges, fertile valleys, Moorish castles, quaint villages, abundant wildlife, soaring eagles and much more! Moreover there are a lot of nice small villages to visit around Alicante like Elche which boasts two UNESCO World Heritage Sites or Orihuela which welcomes visitors under the shade of the San Antón palm trees!

With over 3000 years of history, Alicante is a multi-influenced city hiding a lot of historical places to visit and treasures to discover. The Santa Barbara Castle, at a height of 116 meters is one of Spain’s largest mediaeval fortresses which offer a perfect point of view on Alicante’s bay. Dating back to the 14th century, the Santa Maria Basilica and its two asymmetrical towers, is the oldest church in the city and another important monument of Alicante.

Finally you can not miss to plan an excursion to the small island of Tabarca at about 11 nautical miles offshore from Alicante. You will enjoy its crystal clear water, its picturesque fishing village and its few restaurants of traditional local cuisine.

Alicante is the capital of the province of Alicante but also the second main city of the Valencian Province. It means that you can not leave the city before having tasted its paella! Another specialty of the region is the Túrron, typical nougat made of honey, sugar, egg white, toasted almonds shaped in rectangular tablets. Be careful with your teeth! The one you will find in Alicante the harder!

The most representative event in Alicante is without doubt the “Fiesta de Moros y Cristianos” in June. It reminds the past wars between the moors and the Christians in a mix of religion and itinerant parades with the sound of drums and muskets. It is very impressive and definitely is worth living!